About Us

Often these days, all throughout the North Country, you’ll hear these words: “Meet me at the Lyric!

That’s the new Coffee House at 246 James Street in Clayton. A much-loved movie house, The Lyric Theatre, established in 1914; now has a remarkable retro-look under the careful direction of owner, Kathy Danielson. It’s quickly become far more than a fine-tuned tourist attraction. Yes, the “regulars’ are here most every day for a cup of great coffee, delicious baked goods and terrific lattes. But, there’s more: homemade hot soups and gourmet sandwiches sell out every day. A bit of genuine Italian gelato makes dessert special. Kathy is also exploring the idea of Tuesday night being youth night featuring their special kind of wholesome music, board games, chess, checkers and good conversation. The Lyric Coffee House is also fast becoming the in-choice for every kind of group gathering, whether bank, business, school board, Bridge or Bunco, book clubs or Bible studies. Where people love to gather the Lyric can serve. Special events can also be reserved at the Lyric Coffee House – from bridal showers to wedding receptions, even large group Christmas dinners. Give Kathy a call at 686-4700, describe your event, explain your needs; then, book-in for the best meeting you’ve ever had! The Lyric Coffee House can easily house 70 in a full gathering or, for a more intimate group, 20 in the handsome new balcony, surrounded by wrought iron and old-world, oak railings and crowned with the refurbished, tin ceiling saved from the projection booth that occupied the same space for 65 years. Once you’ve fully enjoyed your group’s new meeting place, your greeting too will be: “Meet me at the Lyric!”